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(Re)Branding your business in 5 steps

A step-by-step guide for beginners

Why brand matters

A successful brand is one that "does the work for you" in supporting sales. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, sells products or services, a small non-profit or a large multinational, we all share the same goal: to make sure we have a growing number of clients or customers who support our business. Indeed, the main advantage of a strong brand is that clients come to you for your expertise and services, saving you time on "manual" outreach and activation. If growing a business is an up-hill journey, having a strong brand softens the slope.

How brand building works

Becoming a point of reference in your industry is not complex - it is the fulfilment of a clear strategy and objectives with a series of focused and consistent tasks. This makes "a great brand" available to any and all companies, and somewhat levels the playing field as organic (not paid-for) efforts generate better long-term results than paid advertising and promotion. Small efforts always pay off, and a company can start at any point, whether they are just setting-up or already well established in their industry.

A brand is a living thing

Your brand exists at each and every single customer touchpoint, be it your website, social media channels, digital marketing efforts or published content on other media platforms. Thankfully, these numerous interactions with customers provides an endless source of data collection, giving us valuable information on who your customers are, how they behave and interact with your brand, how satisfied they are and to what extent they would promote you to their friends and family. With this information, we can continue to creatively find new ways to delight and add value to your customers so that your brand adapts and grows over time, staying relevant to consumers by meeting their evolving needs.

If you are interested in improving your brand authority, standing and reputation, or would like to learn more about the services I can offer, contact me here!

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